Workshop for Female Documentalists (session 1)
First session of the project Documentary Storytelling with a Personal Voice [...]

Workshop for Female Documentary Filmmakers
Swedish filmmakers Karin Ekberg and Johanna Bernhardson and Sakdoc Film, with [...]

The Dazzling Light of Sunset
74 min. 2016
Story from the family album
2015 in development
Double Aliens
56' 2015
8' 2015
A Swim
12' 2012
58’ 2011
Sakdoc Film is a documentary film production company in Georgia.  

The aim of Sakdoc Film is to depict the transitional period that Georgia is now undergoing from being a Soviet state to becoming a modern country. We believe that there are number of topics, places and people that will not exist in Georgia in a few years and which are worth and even essential to film before the opportunity fades away.

Apart from producing Sakdoc Film is also implementing projects related to documentary filmmaking such as organizing workshops and screenings.