When Clocks Stop
11’ 2009

Director: Tiko Nachkebia
DOP: Kakha Bukhrashvili
Sound: Giorgi (Gogliko) Gogoladze
Editor: Soso Javakhishvili
Producers: Nino Orjonikidze, Salomé Jashi


Georgian Public Broadcaster... former first channel... The television established in times of Soviet Georgia several decades ago has always been a model of the country and the on-going processes. Changes in the country have always effected this media organization... What does the television look like today? How does the media establishment named the Public Broadcaster live today?

'When Clocks Stop' is part of the documentary film series ’10 Minutes of Democracy’ 

In co-production with Artefact Production. Supported by Georgian National Film CenterOpen Society - Georgia Foundation and British Council.