A Swim
12' 2012

Director: Salomé Jashi
DOP: Mikheil Sturua
Sound: Davit Sikharulidze
Editor: Salomé Jashi, Paul Morris
Producer: Ilona Bicevska, Serge Gordey


a swim is an observation of a monochromatic settlement built in lines and rows. The heat exaggerates existing immobility but a fade attempt for a breakout lingers. This settlement, which was built for those displaced after a war, is a visualization of the system, a social scheme, that exists in the country.     

a swim is the Georgian short film for the series 15 Young by Young to remark the 20th anniversary of the breakdown of the Soviet Union.

In co-production with Avantis [Latvia] and Alegria [France] in association with ARTE


Film still: