The Leader is Always Right
43’ 2010

Director: Salomé Jashi
DOP: Shalva Sokurashvilli, Salomé Jashi
Sound: Davit Sikharulidze
Editor: Salomé Jashi


Summer camps financed by the Georgian state seem to offer lessons in nationalism, hatred and obedience. Since 2005, these camps have been attended by hundreds of thousands of boys and girls. The programme is clear: to cultivate a "love of the nation" among children. This primarily means developing animosity towards Russia, which has been interfering with the country's autonomy and appreciating the President. Uniforms with the Georgian state symbol, flags on the cabins, ideological slogans and the rule that "the leader is always right" are all things that serve to remind each boy and girl of the past and to demand vengeance. A stark future is outlined when the children leave the camp with a clear idea of what "patriotism" means.

The film was made with the support of the Goethe Institute as part of the project “1989-2009: Changing Times in Georgia and Germany”

Festivals and Broadcasts:

2011 Art Film Fest. Bratislava 
2011 Go-East Festival of Central and Eastsern European Film. Wiesbaden
2011 Trieste Film Festival. Italy
2010 Watch Docs, Warsaw 
2010 Adhoc: Inconvenient Films Human Rights FF, Lithuania
2010 DOK Leipzig. As part of the special programme  ‘Caucasian Lessons’
2010 Tofifest IFF, Poland
2010 One World - International Human Rights Film Festival, Prague
2010 Georgian Public Broadcaster, late night program ‘Red Zone’

Film trailer: