Salomé Jashi

Salomé Jashi is a documentary filmmaker from Georgia [1981]. With first degree in journalism she studied documentary filmmaking at Royal Holloway, University of London. Her films are observational discovering tiny details that surprise but also evoke a feeling of some intuitive familiarity.

Among other places Salomé’s films have been screened at the National Portrait Gallery in London [2006], Leipzig International Film Festival for Documentary and Animated Film [2007], George Pompidu Center as part of Cinéma du Réel in Paris [2007], Trieste Film Festival [2007/2011], One World Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Prague [2009/2010].

She is currently working on a short for a documentary film series 15 Young by Young – an individual perception of the 20th anniversary of freedom after the collapse of the Soviet Union.


A Swim (12'). Director/editor. Georgia/Latvia/France. Part of documentary series 15 Young by Young.
Bakhmaro (60’). Director / cinematographer. 2011. Georgia / Germany
The Leader is Always Right (43’). Director / producer / editor. 2010. Georgia
Speechless (12’). Director /producer / editor. 2009. Georgia
A Mr. Minister (16’). Co-director / editor. 2008. VPRO Tegenlicht. Georgia / The Netherlands
Their Helicopter (22’). Director / editor. 2006. Georgia / UK
Anna Dziapshipa

Anna Dziapshipa is an art manager and since 2009 has been working at Sakdoc Film as a producer. Before that for 5 years she was head of Film Export Department at the Georgian National Film Center being in charge of international relations, making contacts with international funds and organizations, as well as promoting Georgian films at international festivals and markets. In 2007, 2009, 2010 Anna was responsible for Georgian stand at Berlinale European Film Market. She was responsible for press-centre of the Tbilisi International Film Festival in 2005 and was appointed as the main coordinator of the festival in 2006 and 2007. In 2009 she organized first Documentary Film Pitching project Pitch.Doc as part of Tbilisi International Film Festival. Anna also works on organizing various trainings and workshops. She is one of the founders of production company Sakdoc Film.
About the Company

Sakdoc Film is a documentary film production company in Georgia.

The aim of Sakdoc Film is to depict the transitional period that Georgia is now undergoing from being a Soviet state to becoming a modern country. We believe that there are number of topics, places and people that will not exist in Georgia in a few years and which are worth and even essential to film before the opportunity fades away.

Apart from producing Sakdoc Film is also implementing projects related to documentary filmmaking such as organizing workshops and screenings.