Margaret Mead Travelling Film Festival

The Mead showcases the best in non-narrative filmmaking, encompassing a broad spectrum of work including international documentaries, experimental films, animation, hybrid works, and more.

The Festival presents documentaries that increase our understanding of the complexity and diversity of the peoples and cultures that populate our planet.

Screenings in Georgia 2009

Batumi – September, 25-27

Karaleti – October, 15-17

Tbilisi – December, 1-6


Conflict zonesdouble vision

Shooting Under Fire, Sacha Mirzoeff, 72' 2005 (Germany/Israel/Palestine)
Speechless, Salome Jashi, 12’ 2009 (Geogia) 

Look around – people living with us

Today's Man, Lizzie Gottlieb, 55' 2007 (U.S.)

Don’t be afraid, protect yourself

Sisters in Law, Kim Longinotto, Florence Ayisi, 104' 2005 (Cameroon)
Children without childhood

China Blue, Micha X. Peled, 88' 2005 (U.S./China)
Window, Farhad Tursunov, Gulmira Sadikova,  13' 2005 (Kyrgyzstan)

Strange journey

A Map with Gaps, Alice Nelson, 26' 2007 (Scotland)  
America in a single room, Davit Kandelaki, 60' 2007, (Georgia)
Women from Georgia, Levan Koghuashvili, 53' 2008 (Georgia)

Screenings supported by: Open Society Georgia Foundation